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5 thoughts on “MTV CRIBS | Celebrities That Faked Their Wealth

  1. I don’t understand why though. People like celebs more if they’re relatable. People who are real, humble, and don’t put up a front.

  2. Just like the music videos, MTV Cribs had a lot of youngin’s jealous over nothing. Mariah’s crib was hers though wasn’t it?

  3. lol this is just like the rap videos 😉 Pimp my ride also exaggerated, I’ll never forget the fat guy they told to fill his car up with food wrappers and junk.
    5:20 lol proving white girls can do it too, faking, single mom, you name it Jojo’s got it.
    6:35 classic what does Ja Rule think Chappelle joke lol
    7:24 lol redman is cheap man

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